Blair Lee's pragmatic suggestion that Washington "borrow" Baltimore's baseball team and that Baltimore "borrow" the Redskins probably is sensible {Close to Home, May 20}. And I agree that Maryland should not build a football stadium at the Camden Yards. But the owner of the Redskins says he wants a new, larger stadium. He says if the city doesn't build it, he will do it himself.

But the Redskins aren't the only local football team that needs a new stadium. The University of Maryland not only needs a new stadium, but also its entire athletic program needs lots of help. The Redskins' owner can solve the problem in a flash. Instead of building his own stadium, let him (and many others) contribute sufficient funds to the university to build a domed stadium on the site of Byrd Stadium, with sufficient seating to satisfy everyone.

What an impetus a new stadium would be for football (as well as basketball, lacrosse and other sports) for a rejuvenated Maryland athletic program. For example, just look what the Carrier Dome has done for Syracuse University. JAMES BEIZER Gaithersburg

As a vice president of a real estate firm and a former lobbyist, Blair Lee is apparently used to promoting sow's ears as purses. His conclusion to the baseball/football franchise controversy is that Baltimore and Washington should share teams. He ignores the obvious: the outcome is only of interest to fans, and fans are by definition diehards and believers in lost causes.

Washington may never get a baseball team and Baltimore may be forevermore without their Colts, but that won't stop any of us from rooting for a home team be it real or imagined.