From an address by West German foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher at Georgetown University May 26:

As a result of the democratization of Central and Eastern Europe, the East-West conflict is losing its ideological foundation. President Bush and President Gorbachev have rightly stated that they no longer perceive each other as a threat. This justifies the need to restructure the alliance system. This will have an effect on strategy, organization and arms. The political significance of our alliance must be enhanced, and cooperative security structures must be created for the whole of Europe.

The NATO summit conference to be held in London in July is intended to adapt the Western Alliance to the new opportunities in Europe and equip it for the future. Soviet troops are withdrawing from {Czechoslovakia} and Hungary. Democracies are evolving in the East. ...

A strong partnership for stability linking our alliance and the Soviet Union as well as other European countries must evolve from this dialogue and from the developments taking place within the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe framework. ... The meeting between President Bush and President Gorbachev to be held in June will promote these developments further. The alliance will continue to exist as a central expression and vital core of the transatlantic partnership. It will remain a decisive stabilizing anchor in the security field for the community of free and democratic nations. But at the same time the alliance must open up to supplementary cooperative structures which span it and build confidence. ... The establishment of a partnership for stability linking our alliance with the Soviet Union and the other European nations will create new confidence in Europe.