What arrogance and gall Mayor Marion Barry has to admit that he broke the law when he smoked crack at the Vista Hotel last January and then to suggest that the citizens of Washington will condone such lawlessness while our neighborhoods are under siege and our children are killing themselves {front page, May 30}. It's outrageous.

Even more outrageous and insulting to the citizens of this city is the rumored jockeying by D.C. Del. Walter Fauntroy and D.C. Council members Charlene Drew Jarvis and John Ray for the blessings of a man who has betrayed our trust, lied to our children and shown unbelievable disdain for all the moral and ethical standards that have held the African-American community together. This kind of hypocrisy is yet another slap in the face of an already battered and bruised citizenry.

Mayor Barry no longer has the moral imperative to run this city, and all of those who are seeking his approval and blessing should be sent packing.

I hope the law-abiding citizens of this city will rise up and say, "No more" to the disgracing of the District.



The writer was press secretary to Mayor Barry from 1981 to 1987.