I read that Maryland Gov. William Donald Schaefer plans to call in transportation officials to find out "what in the world causes these backups" waiting to cross the Bay Bridge {"Beach Traffic Backup Irks Schaefer," Metro, May 30}. The story goes on to report that Gov. Schaefer spends many weekends at Ocean City during the year.

If that is the case, Gov. Schaefer must travel by air. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why there are traffic backups approaching the Bay Bridge. Having traveled this route repeatedly for the past 11 years, I marvel that the state of Maryland continues to allow tens of thousands of motorists to wait in 14-mile traffic tie-ups so that five to 10 small boats can pass through the Kent Narrows during a weekend "rush hour." I am similarly perplexed that no way has yet been found to eliminate the remaining stoplights on the approach to Kent Narrows either by building bridges or new exit/entry lanes onto Route 50. We are not talking about great feats of highway engineering here.

Beach traffic discourages many would-be tourists from traveling to the Eastern Shore. But the state of Maryland continues to ignore the obvious fixes. L. BRITT SNIDER McLean