I would like to take this opportunity to respond to The Post's June 5 editorial "Beltway Rocks: Police Response."

I am particularly disturbed by the statement that "Earlier citizen complaints were not taken seriously by the Maryland State Police." The citizens of Maryland can rest assured that we, working cooperatively with the allied law enforcement community, will investigate any complaint that falls within our jurisdiction. We take all complaints seriously and investigate them thoroughly.

As a matter of public record, our responses to these rock throwing incidents have been timely, and our enforcement efforts have been stepped up in the problem areas. However, often times, these incidents are reported to the police hours or days after the crime occurs. As a matter of public information, we must carefully weigh the benefits of releasing information concerning allegations or complaints of rock throwing against the great potential for adverse publicity that could produce unnecessary "copy cat" crime involving this unfortunate offense.

As superintendent of the Maryland State Police, it is my responsibility to see that the lives and property of the citizens of this great state of Maryland are protected. No matter whether it is a response to a murder, rape, robbery or now "rock throwing," it is a responsibility that I and the many dedicated and loyal troopers who serve their community take quite seriously. ELMER H. TIPPETT Superintendent of the Maryland State Police Pikesville