I read with both interest and disdain the article by Don Phillips {May 28} on Secretary of Transportation Skinner's "heeding" the recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism.

As the mother of a son murdered on Pan Am 103, I was truly shocked by Secretary Skinner's rather blase' attitude toward the Federal Aviation Administration's own documentation of blatant deficiencies in Pan Am's security for the period of eight months following the bombing. Fortunately for us and for the entire American flying public, this was brought to our attention by the commission. However, Mr. Skinner's statement that he thanked God we did not lose another airline during that period borders on the immoral.

Mr. Skinner was in fact in charge of the Department of Transportation, which includes the FAA, during this time and was responsible for the activities of the FAA, which did nothing to change the atrocious security defects of Pan Am at Frankfurt.

While Mr. Skinner played golf over Memorial Day weekend with President Bush, we -- the families of Pan Am 103 -- mourned the loss of our loved ones in an act of war against America. We would hope this high-level administration meeting discussed job description and responsibilities within Transportation, for like it or not Secretary Skinner was in charge after Lockerbie. He owes his boss and the American people an explanation about Pan Am 103 and the eight months of inertia on the part of FAA.

Secretary Skinner may well be forced to "heed" the recommendations of the commission, because our families are here to stay and watch -- better yet, to fight -- for the implementation of the commission's recommendations.