The Post suggests that Guam be the way station for thousands of economic refugees from Vietnam {editorial, June 11}.

But The Post makes this recommendation without considering the well being of the people of Guam. Ominously, 101 such refugees are already living aboard a Guam-based Navy ship, the USS White Plains. When that vessel returns to Guam from the Philippines, will it bring those refugees with it? Will this be the harbinger of a tidal wave of refugees to Guam? Malaysia has turned away 7,700 refugees. Hong Kong wants to expel 30,000 refugees. The Philippines refuses to accept those aboard the White Plains.

Americans see Guam as a mere possession subject to whatever whim or fancy moves the federal government. But Guam has been peopled for more than 3,000 years by the Chamorros, a Pacific island race that thrived until the arrival of Magellan in 1521. Despite the genocidal effects that the policies of a succession of colonial masters have caused, we have survived.

Now we the people of Guam aspire to self-government, but Congress and the administration ignore us. Meanwhile the Great White Fathers in Washington consider us the logical place to dump thousands of economic refugees fleeing the poverty of Southeast Asia.

Enough, America. Guam is finite and fragile. It is only 212 square miles. We have limited supplies of water, power and other public utilities. We lack the medical and educational plants necessary to permit the absorption of thousands of new immigrants, particularly when the major nations of the world have no agreed plan for their ultimate resettlement.

More than 460 years of exploitation is enough. President Bush and Congress plead for self-determination for the Baltic nations. We the people of the Pacific demand no less. Guam cannot be made a refugee center except upon the consent of the people of Guam. Regardless of wheather we are incorporated as equal citizens of the United States or become independent, we must be involved in the making of such decisions. DORIS FLORES BROOKS Senator, 20th Guam Legislature Agana, Guam