Thanks so much for assuring me that "20815 is a discreet and tasteful zip code for people who have arrived" {"Zenith of the Zips," Style, June 27}. Home to 192 millionaires, but not "flashy" like Potomac.

Well, we arrived in this "exclusive Chevy Chase neighborhood" 35 years ago. Helped by a VA-guaranteed mortgage, we paid $19,000 for a 1 1/2 story frame house on a small lot. (There are many such houses out here.) Now, according to the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, the property's "full value" is $289,560, up more than 90 percent from 1987. The big item there is a land value increase of 250 percent.

Because our annual property tax will rise (again) based on this valuation, I lodged an appeal -- along with 12,000 others. No luck there, so far. Assessors say they go strictly by recent "sales of comparable properties," which have indeed headed skyward -- until this year, when the market is down. As the story notes, the big push has been from two-career couples: "That's the only reason they can afford to live out here."

And that's my problem: escalating taxes are hard on aging pensioners in one-income households. The man behind the counter at the Rockville tax office said, smilingly, "You've got to understand: you're living in Camelot." PATRICK O'SHEEL Chevy Chase