WhileEPA assistant administrator from 1985 to 1989, I was called upon to make many of the basic Love Canal cleanup decisions. It was therefore with interest that I read Laurie Goodstein's article {news story, June 12}.

Two items concerned me. First, it was indicated that my decision in 1987 to burn the contaminated soil near the dump had been abandoned. In fact, work has begun on this incineration system. Furthermore, EPA and New York State have compelled Occidental Chemical, the potentially responsible party, to implement this project.

My other concern is with the attitude of toxics media star Lois Gibbs and that of some special interest groups that no cleanup is ever good enough for hazardous waste sites. EPA and New York State have spent more than $150 million studying and remediating the Love Canal environs. Exhaustive peer-reviewed, scientific sampling has led to the conclusion that the area is now habitable.

I spent innumerable hours in consultation with federal, state and local officials as well as local citizens on Love Canal. My strong belief is that those at the scene understand the issues involved. They want to get on with their lives without the interminable "help" of Lois Gibbs and other sensationalists.