I was stunned to read the statement released by the Washington Capitals that evoked the religious tradition of forgiveness in an appeal to Caps fans to forgive those members involved with a 17-year-old girl in the back of a limousine. This blatant attempt by management to further manipulate the ticket-buying public is an insult to the entire community. I only hope the public will respond by refusing to purchase the tickets that ultimately support these men. SUSAN DERSE Frederick

I would like to respond to the article by writer David Sell about the Washington Capitals {Sports, July 1}. At one time, I could have been described as an ardent fan of the Capitals, going back to June 1972 when the National Hockey League awarded the franchise to the stewardship of Abe Pollin.

The Georgetown matter never did play a part in my decision to sever my ticket plan with the Capitals -- heavy traffic and economics are reasons. I was priced out of the area. I am not going to battle the Capital Beltway anymore just to go the Capital Centre. It's time for Mr. Pollin to locate the Capitals and Bullets in downtown Washington near Metro, so that both teams would really be a part of Washington.

But there are two other emotional reasons for my not renewing with the Capitals -- the dismissal of Bryan Murray as head coach and the trade of Mike Gartner in the deal for Dino Ciccarelli. I appreciated the efforts of Bryan Murray and the consistent play of Mike Gartner.

A place must be made in the organization for Bryan Murray. He deserves all of the credit as the one man who turned this franchise around. If I were to start a new hockey franchise, I would want Bryan Murray as my general manager. BRUCE S. KAPLAN Wheaton