As one of many volunteers who has spent the past few weeks, often in 90 degree heat, gathering signatures for Sterling Tucker, I deeply resent Michael Abramowitz's article {Metro, July 9} on the race for D.C. delegate, which seems to dismiss Mr. Tucker from the race.

How dare The Post dismiss Sterling Tucker -- who has served this city for 30 years and who was one of the architects of home rule, head of a major civil rights organization and a former D.C. Council chairman -- and try to portray Eleanor Holmes Norton, a local professor whose expertise is primarily in employment law, as the front-runner. Exactly what is this based on? Has The Post taken a poll?

The polls I am aware of show Mr. Tucker leading the race in both name recognition and support. He has just received the endorsement of 88 ministers, whose membership accounts for more than 100,000 people. Clearly, The Post owes it to its readers as well as to the candidates to reflect the facts and statistics, not a single reporter's personal favorites. Apparently, Mr. Tucker doesn't pass The Post's liberal-chic test, which I believe will help him with the voters in this town who are really sick of The Post's choosing the winners of races that have barely begun.