I understand Blair Lee's loyalty to his family friend and political ally, state Sen. Margaret C. Schweinhaut {"Beyond the Abortion Debate," Close to Home, July 8}. I do not understand, however, the writer's disavowing purported objectivity in order to become a publicist for the senator and the anti-choice movement. In so doing he trivializes both candidates, the electorate and the social doctrines of "separation of church and state" and "freedom of religion" at a time when those freedoms face a perilous future because of recent Supreme Court decisions.

Mr. Lee omitted stating that I have been endorsed for the Maryland State Senate by the large majority of Democratic activists in District 18. In addition, I have been endorsed by the Montgomery County Education Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Firefighters Association, the State Troopers Association, state physicians, AFL-CIO, Maryland Chapter of the National Organization for Women, National Abortion Rights Action League and the Women's Political Caucus as well as the Maryland Classified Employees Association. If Mr. Lee thinks these groups endorsed me only because of my position on abortion rights, he also trivializes the interests and concerns of these groups for good government and their desire to elect the most effective state senator.

When candidates stand for reelection every four years, we take our public records into the election arena. Mrs. Schweinhaut's record shows that she picked her battleground and fought only for a single issue in the 1990 session. It was her vote on her issue of anti-choice that blocked progressive abortion rights legislation. If the voters in District 18 want to take a chance of having legislation passed in Maryland such as was just passed in Louisiana, then they should by all means reelect Sen. Schweinhaut, because this is what she will support.

I know how government works. I know where it belongs. It does not belong at work in our private lives or in our bedrooms.

My platform is the same concept of freedom of religion on which Maryland was founded. My theme in this campaign is protecting the basic values guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, which include reproductive rights. I continue to support the separation of church and state and the right to privacy. PATRICIA R. SHER Silver Spring