I read Robert V. L. Hartwell's letter {July 11} with concern that others would not recognize that it unfairly placed the blame for Fairfax County's fiscal situation on the current administration. The years of uncontrolled growth and "benign neglect" of area transportation systems under the former regime left Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Audrey Moore no choice but to increase taxes and borrowing to fulfill the voter's mandate. (Let us not forget, she swept into office on a landslide with a clear voter mandate to clean up the Fairfax traffic jams.)

Unfortunately, since former board chairman Jack Herrity set aside neither money nor planned rights of way for highway expansion, the current administration is forced to play catch-up, acquiring land at today's inflated prices and finding current dollars to pay for long overdue road construction. While Mrs. Moore is doing her level best to find a cost-effective solution to Fairfax County's agonizing transportation dilemma, the handicaps left by the former administration ensure that this will be neither easy nor inexpensive.

I'm sure that, as part of his effort to regain office, Mr. Herrity will seek to lay full blame for Fairfax County's financial situation at the feet of Mrs. Moore. I am confident Fairfax voters realize that he and his years of uncontrolled growth and benign neglect of transportation are responsible for our situation. ALTIE T. COHEN Springfield