George Will proves that one man's Europhoria can be another's Europhobia -- his "The Dark Side of Europhoria" {op-ed, July 15}. If we are to believe him, anything Brussels does on behalf of the European Community contributes to the decline of Western civilization. Never mind that British Prime Minister Thatcher, for the most part, supports the institutions of the EC, and cannot now repeal its charter any more than the governor of California can repeal the U.S. Constitution, no matter how ornery she becomes.

Never mind that Jacques Delors, a dutiful executive (and not the bureaucratic nemesis Mr. Will makes him out to be) is merely carrying out the mandate given him by Europe's political leaders. Never mind that Europe, whose ups and downs after World War II were due more to economics than the attitudes of left-leaning governments, seeks to unite because of:

The envy European leaders have always had for the U.S. model of free trade among the states.

A desire to give new life to the Treaty of Rome by enacting the Single European Act, which it needed after earlier unity efforts got sidetracked with U.S. gold standard suspension in 1971 and the energy crisis interfered with Europe's unifying strategies of the time.

A 1985 commission report on the costs of a nonunified Europe, in which it was proven that astounding savings could be realized by removing all barriers (many of them bureaucratic) dealing with movement of goods, services, people and capital.

Mr. Will should entertain himself with domestic issues (his strength). He has no feel for the future of Europe.

CRAIG K. ALLEN Woodbridge