The Post article "Annapolis Environmentalists Settle Lawsuit" {Metro, July 10} was timely and underscores the fact that polluting our neighborhood creeks with road construction projects is even more widespread than the present case in Kensington.

Rock Creek Regional Park is a popular place with a charming small creek running through it. Over the past two weeks, dirt, lime dust, pulverized cement and carbide saw cuttings have been hosed down the storm drains by a contractor doing major repairs along Connecticut Avenue. At other times the rain storms flush the materials into the creek.

The other night I saw a father and his two sons racing their "boats" (small twigs) on the creek and delighting in the minnows. Luckily they had timed their visit between the pulses of whitish-tan sediment that first turns the water to the color of milk, then settles in a disgusting film over everything. The rains send all this material not away, but down the water course to larger and larger branches to the bay. It's a small part of the whole water pollution problem, but the cure has to begin somewhere.

Why not start with requiring the contractor to abide by the environmental laws that prohibit this practice? Why not start, too, with the unresponsive bureaucrats. I have phoned and written to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Maryland Highway Department, the Maryland office of the environment and its agency, the Sediment and Storm Water Administration and to the regional park director. The token response has been environmental window dressing: a few bales of hay and a few yards of screening material were placed in a limited area and never maintained. Now, some two weeks later, it's back to business as usual, and the creek is alternately white and clear.

It will take more than my voice to do the right thing for a lovely creek in our community. Our tax dollars not only pay for roads but also for compliance with good environmental practices. We sure aren't getting our money's worth, and the creek and our park suffer. Come on, neighbors!