As a resident of the D.C. metropolitan area who does not own a car, I believe that I have a special dispensation to complain about a few things. I have recently purchased a rather expensive bicycle, which I can not ride for two reasons.

First: no bicycle lanes. Have you ever tried to ride a bicycle down Connecticut Avenue? Not unless you are crazy. I recently visited Madison, Wis., and discovered the urban bike lane. It is a narrow (about four feet wide) lane next to the curb specifically for bikes. It allows one to commute on one's bike and reduce traffic.

Second (and not so easy to solve): bus exhaust. I know mass transit is supposed to cut down on pollution, but when I ride behind a Metrobus I don't see how it does it. Isn't a bus the perfect vehicle to electrify? It runs short distances, so it is never far from the recharge station. It does not need to accelerate rapidly, and it can be removed from service for six to eight hours without major inconvenience for recharging. Has anyone at Metro looked into this? Many pedestrians, bikers and motorcyclists would appreciate it. And the environment would improve dramatically. STEVEN MILGRIM Bethesda