The situation at the Shoal Creek Country Club is an clear example of the often shortsighted logic of many of the "old line" black leaders. Their line merely states, provide us one "token," and we'll all be satisfied. This line of thinking values show over substance. Nothing will change the fact that Shoal Creek County Club is a racist preserve.

Last week Shoal Creek agreed to allow a "honorary" black club member. Was this move made to appease these so called black leaders? Hardly. Shoal Creek took this action merely to get the money and privilege it will gain from holding a professional golf tournament.

Do the members of Shoal Creek have the right to have a segregated private club? Quite probably. If this is to be the case though, the Shoal Creek club should receive no publicly funded assistance. This would include tax deductions for membership fees and club meals, publicly funded access roads, advantageous street, sewer and drainage assessments or lenient property tax assessments.

The proper response is for black citizens to vote with their dollars. Locally to decline to trade with the businesses of Shoal Creek members and nationally to decline trade with corporations that would sponsor events at racially restrictive clubs. Black people are not one monolithic group. Mine is only one opinion among the diverse opinions held by U.S. Afro-American citizens. KURT ALDWIN CLARK Washington