Of all America's divisions that are illuminated by the Barry trial, Florence Smith casts some light on a new one {Metro, July 25}. Her statement: "We don't breed nothing like you here ... Go back where you came from, you Bama" is a new form of discrimination based on the state in which an individual was born.

For lack of a better term, I'll call it "statism." Florence Smith's slur toward people born in Alabama makes about as much sense as a slur based on her sex or based on Mayor Barry's race. People have about as much control over where they were born and where they spent their childhood as they do over their looks.

Her remark about breeding also shows an appalling lack of knowledge about her hero. Mayor Barry was not "bred" in Washington, but in Itta Bena, Miss. Mayor Barry's hometown, in the state that most resembles Alabama, lies in the area Mississippians call the Delta.

Alabama was my home for nearly 20 years, and I resent the stereotypes that people like Florence Smith perpetrate. When I talk, my accent immediately marks me as a Southerner. Intelligent people who boast about fighting the stereotypes that have kept this country from reaching its ideals for more than 200 years automatically think I have a shotgun in the backseat and Klan robes in my trunk. I own neither, and I do not subscribe to the views they symbolize.

If people in this town are serious about combating discrimination, they should take a look at their own behavior beginning with their figures of speech. BROOKS BOLIEK Washington