It was fascinating to read the ruminations of Bernard Demczuk of the Rainbow Coalition on the prospect of mob violence in the District {letter, Aug. 1}.

He speculates that, "if African-American youth then were to bust windows in Georgetown ... the cause would be years of societal and governmental neglect of a festering and deteriorating urban life." He caps this observation with the contention that the president and Congress would be to blame for "letting the turbulent waters of social and economic divisiveness wreak havoc on communities and individuals."

I've never seen waters of social divisiveness, even turbulent ones, commit crimes. The contention that these purple waters will break windows is preposterous. It's almost as ludicrous as the assertion that the president and Congress are responsible for teenage pregnancies, joblessness or drug and alcohol abuse.

It should be obvious to anyone, even a spokesman for the Rainbow Coalition, that the president and Congress, who certainly have much to explain, are not on the streets of Washington impregnating teenagers, denying them work and forcing them to take drugs. It's predictable demagoguery for Mr. Demczuk to use national politicians as scapegoats in a rhetorical defense of local crime.

Unfortunately, households without fathers are not produced by festering urban life, but by fathers and mothers who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. A job market at an all time high is not to blame for individuals who do not choose to take advantage of it. Drugs are not taken because of economic divisiveness, but because drug users want to get high. Crime is perpetrated not by poverty but by criminals. Windows are not broken by social problems but by vandals.

If Mr. Demczuk and his Rainbow Coalition want to preach, they should address their remarks to parents who desert their families, criminals who deal in violence, and people who shirk their considerable responsibilities for their own lives in a free society.

J. L. SMITH Washington