The caption on the photo that accompanied the story about the Ohio woman who turned down a game-show Honda and was given a new Dodge by AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland was inexcusable {Style, Aug. 17}.

Three people and a Dodge pickup appeared in the Associated Press photo. The truck and two of the three participants were identified. The "man at left is unidentified," read the caption. (He was black, so you knew it wasn't Lee Iacocca, and apparently your interest stopped there.)

Professional photographers always get names. Perhaps in this case, AP bought the photo from someone who didn't have all the details.

Still for a paper that cracked Watergate and knows what Madonna wears to bed, you might have worked it out. A first-year journalism student might have figured that since the photo was taken in front of the AFL-CIO building and since Kirkland was in it, someone at the AFL might know who the third man was.

One phone call would have told you that Richard Perry is a major figure in labor circles, and, significant to this occasion, he's secretary-treasurer of the Union Label & Service Trades Department.

Pam Richards's rejection of the gift Honda is symbolic of the Union Label department's "Buy Union, Buy American" national campaign. -- Donovan McClure