To paraphrase the words and thoughts in Thomas Boswell's Post Magazine article, ''What We Talk About When We Talk About Sports'' {Aug. 12}: never has Washington so desperately needed a major league baseball team. Admittedly, $95 million is a huge fee for a National League expansion franchise, but what would be the cost of not securing a team this time around?

With a new Redskin stadium to be built, what does the District plan to do with an empty RFK? What about the jobs, concession fees, parking, taxes, Metro fares and potential costs of tearing RFK down? Spread over a 25-year period, don't these lost revenues and costs add up to a sizable sum, which the District should be willing to share with the potential owner of a new baseball franchiseif owners will agree to commit the team to RFK for a stipulated time period?

Washington's national image has been severly tarnished over the past few years, and as a result tourism is down, another loss to the area. Having a National League team playing in RFK on national TV and showing the people throughout the country that we can attract local people and tourists to our baseball stadium would help to turn this image around better than all of the empty words of our political leaders.

And isn't having a major league baseball team playing in Washington good for the little kids in the area, who would have something positive to be interested in? Lots of these kids can't go to see the Orioles play. But with a team at RFK, and with a forward-looking owner willing to have cheap bleacher seats, kids could make it to the games.

A major league baseball team for Washington is an investment in our future, not a frivolous waste of money.

DAVID G. SPOKELY Silver Spring