I'm tired of reading columns, such as the one by Leonard Laster {op-ed, Aug. 30}, about how we shouldn't ration health care. Let's be honest. We do ration health care, and the ones who suffer the most are those too ''rich'' for Medicaid and too poor to pay for health care themselves. Overall, hospital and doctors have been benevolent in these cases, but even they are making noises that the care they provide to those who can't afford it will soon be lost.

I am particularly concerned that the Oregon waiver program has been misrepresented in the press. According to Dr. Laster, under rationing ''we would undoubtably decide not to find expensive procedures ... for patients classified as too old.'' Dr. Laster does not mention that most senior services and most services for the disabled are exempt from the plan, so it is primarily the poorest mothers and children who are subject to this rationing scheme.

I applaud Oregon's efforts to try something different, but I can't see where this version will provide any guidance when many of the expensive services are exempt. It's not logical, and it's not fair.