I am responding to what I see once again as The Post's special brand of character assassination when it comes to me {District Weekly, Aug. 30}. This time it was the lead paragraph of the article about my candidacy for D.C. delegate.

The opening comments in articles about the other five candidates were factual, straight forward and/or picked up a major theme that they have espoused in this campaign. The lead paragraph of my profile, on the other hand, labels me as having spent ''12 often-contentious years on the school board'' and that I saw to it that many initiatives were "hamstrung."

The second sentence begins by calling me ''an unrelenting advocate for inner-city students'' and ends with the charge that I served to hamstring "many initiatives proposed by others.'' This is a paradox. More than that, it is an absolute falsehood: there is no truth in it. Barbara Sizemore was D.C. superintendent of schools for only two of the 12 years I served, so it is beyond me why or what that has to do with my candidacy for delegate 15 years later.

The emotionally loaded, negative term used in the next paragraph does have me bristling, because "bristles" is an inflammatory term chosen to convey a particular tone and image.

I suppose it is too much to hope that I should live long enough to witness the day The Post would actually report rather than editorialize on any subject or matter connected with me. BARBARA LETT SIMMONS Washington