I wish to express my extreme concern for George Mason University's current policy of turning off the lights in the satellite parking lots on nights when students are still in class. With the number of assaults and rapes in the surrounding areas, GMU's position is at best unconscionable. The killings of university students in Florida confirm our worst fears. GMU should be looking at implementing additional programs to increase the safety of its students, not taking actions that could expose them to possible harm.

My wife is attending GMU at night, and I wish to emphasize that I hold GMU and its administrative staff completely responsible for her safety while on the campus. I am sure that other spouses and parents feel just as strongly.

I suggest that GMU could and should cut costs. The salary structure might be a fruitful area to investigate. GMU appears to be more concerned with how many highly paid, nationally recognized professors it can hire, instead of what it should be doing to provide its students with a cost-effective, well-administered educational program. Too many GMU students complain about long lines, limited student support activities and inconvenient administrative office hours for the complaints to be ignored.