IF ALL OF Maryland were as ably represented in the House of Representatives as are the voters of the 5th District with Steny Hoyer, and those of the 8th District with Connie Morella, then the Free State's could be the best congressional delegation in the country. Mr. Hoyer, who has risen to the fourth-ranking leadership position in the House, is an informed, influential and sensible legislator whose hard work and zest for the job are enormously valuable to all Marylanders. Mrs. Morella continues to impress constituents and colleagues alike with her energy and quick grasp of local as well as national and global concerns. A member of the Republican minority in the House, Mrs. Morella has won the respect of key members on both sides of the aisle.

While Mrs. Morella faces only token opposition in the GOP primary and should capture a well deserved, solid victory, Mr. Hoyer is opposed by an active, charismatic campaigner, Abdul Alim Muhammad, a physician and a minister in the Nation of Islam since 1981. Dr. Muhammad has targeted much of his message and efforts at black residents, arguing that blacks are underrepresented in the leadership of Prince George's. While the inclusion of black talent in the ranks of political leadership should be accelerated to reflect changes in the county's makeup, Mr. Hoyer and his valuable representation of the county, not to mention his hard-acquired congressional clout, should not be set aside on this account. Mr. Hoyer has long been a pioneer in recognizing the importance of a serious black presence in the political process of his county and has pressed effectively in Congress for a matching recognition on the national level. It is precisely those voters who do understand the importance of inclusive leadership -- and who do seek still greater minority participation in county affairs -- who should ensure the continuing influence of Mr. Hoyer on this front by reelecting him with a resounding vote.

There is one congressional race in Maryland this year that deserves special attention -- in the 1st District, where Democratic Rep. Roy Dyson is challenged in the Democratic primary by state Del. Barbara O. Kreamer, an able and informed campaigner with local and state government experience. She strikes us as altogether a stronger and better candidate than Mr. Dyson and would be a solid candidate to go up against the winner of a crowded Republican field. The strongest GOP candidate for a second round would be Wayne Gilchrest, who nearly upset Mr. Dyson last time.

Elsewhere in nearby congressional districts, Rep. Helen Delich Bentley has no GOP primary opposition in the 2nd. Democrat Benjamin L. Cardin is an effective representative for the 3d District. Democratic Rep. Tom McMillen should prevail in the 4th District as should Democratic incumbent Beverly Byron in the 6th. In the 7th District, Democratic Rep. Kweisi Mfume is on his way to reelection.