As a former habitue' of Annapolis, the South River, West River, etc., I devour news from that area.

Your piece on the Wednesday night races {Metro, Aug. 29} was interesting, especially the part about the crew of the Fun. It seems that "on one recent night the 11-member crew on the 43 foot Fun logged a total of 295 years of sailing experience." Not only that, but the boats' owner accounted for 70 of them." What endurance. They must have been exhausted.

Unfortunately, your story left out one detail about the race, and the suspense is killing me. Who won?

-- John Kohut

As a sailboat racer, I was pleased to find some coverage about the Annapolis Wednesday night series in your Metro section. It would have been nicer to see it in the Sports section and nicer still if your reporter understood at least some basics about sailing rather than being thrilled by the "stirring sights" and the "colorful spinnakers."

The reporter demonstrated, as the article pointed out, that "a non-sailor is easily lost in the jargon" by trying to "talk jib."

A jib (rhymes with fib) is a sail. A gybe (rhymes with imbiber) is a maneuver that turns the boat stern-first through the wind.

How about applying the same standards to sailing stories as you do to baseball or even bowling?

-- Karla King