Contrary to Michael M. Szafranski's assertion in his letter Sept. 7, all campus lights, including those in the satellite parking lots, are shining at George Mason University. However, faced with major state budget cuts imposed after the beginning of the financial year, the university's administrators are having to make some tough decisions. Among them, they are considering turning out the lights in about half a dozen outlying parking lots after 12:30 a.m. as part of a comprehensive energy-saving plan. Evening classes end at 10; the library closes at midnight. These lots are unoccupied during the early morning hours.

If the complete energy-saving policy should be adopted, a public information campaign will be held to inform faculty and students. The entrances to all affected lots will carry prominent signs about the lighting situation. Any student who inadvertently leaves a car in one of these lots can call the campus escort service or the campus police and be safely guided to her vehicle. Campus safety is a combined responsibility of the university and the campus community; campus safety will not diminish with George Mason's new energy policy. RANDALL EDWARDS Executive Vice President for Administration George Mason University Fairfax