My letter calling for political decisions that would solve our energy crisis appeared in your paper Aug. 29 with a letter by Trent Duffy, which stated that those of us who feel we are in a fuel crisis should make personal sacrifices, not whine.

My family has composted biodegradable kitchen waste for 11 years. We changed our heating system from oil to natural gas and used a wood stove for three years in between. My husband has insulated all the outside walls of our house to save energy.

We try to buy products with the least amount of waste in packaging. I could go on, but the point is that we are doing more than turning out lights and car-pooling. We have lived in this area for 20 years and know many people, all of whom have made some change in their habits to save energy and reduce waste.

One friend canceled her trash service in the ultimate commitment to recycling. No one I know throws away newspapers or aluminum cans. The average person in this country has accepted the fact that we are using up the natural resources of our planet. Now it's time for our political and business leaders to realize that we are serious.

People are not whining about our energy crisis anymore. They are doing what they can about it. When people like Duffy stop calling people who care "hypocrites" and "whiners," we will have solidarity and change.

-- Maureen Sedgley Mayer