The article about the testimony of Willard Zucker {news story, Sept. 8} stated that Mr. Zucker's testimony showed that the records of the Swiss money management firm Compagnie Services Fiduciaries that were turned over to the Iran-contra investigating committees were not complete and had been altered at the request of Albert Hakim.

Let me make the record clear. The Senate Iran-contra accountants who performed most of the financial analysis work on the CSF records were aware of the discrepancies discussed in the article and others as well. When Mr. Hakim handed over the CSF records in Paris in April of 1987 pursuant to an immunity order, he also provided the bank statements. The Senate committee's accountants supplied by the General Accounting Office analyzed in great detail all the records provided. Each transaction was entered into a massive computer data base and cross-checked with other bank and financial records we had obtained through subpoena and other sources, including the contras.

The analysis showed a number of discrepancies between the bank records, particularly wire transfers, and the CSF ledgers that were brought to the attention of Arthur Liman, our chief counsel. Unfortunately, Mr. Zucker was not available to the committees to explain the discrepancies. And Mr. Hakim and retired general Richard V. Secord, while explaining many of them in their closed depositions, were unable or unwilling to explain all of them.

As the Senate committee's chief accountant, I believe the focus on identifying those responsible for ignoring the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress was the correct one, and it was proper to make the financial story a secondary issue. Nonetheless, the final report of the committees clearly shows the financial disaster that occurred when government leaders privatized foreign policy. Not only were enormous and outrageous profits made within the ''enterprise'' but in the domestic fund-raising network as well. Even the Central Intelligence Agency made a killing by purchasing the last stranded arms shipment from Gen. Secord. I certainly hope our nation's leaders, current and future, will learn from this unfortunate episode.

JOHN J. CRONIN JR. Great Falls The writer was chief accountant of the Senate Iran-contra Committee.