I enthusiastically agree with Catriona Erler, who recommended year-round schooling {letters, Sept. 6}. I myself spent 10 of my 12 years of public education in the year-round school system, from first grade through high school as far as the 10th grade (my family then moved, so I finished high school according to the "traditional calendar," as we year-rounders referred to it).

At the time (the '70s through 1981), year-round school was being tested as an experiment in Dale City near what is now Potomac Mills Mall. Students living in Dale City were assigned a color designation according to the section of Dale City in which they lived. Students attending high school there were thus divided into four "color calendars." I enjoyed year-round school. It was nice knowing I was only going to be in school for a nine-, six- or three-week period, rather than for the next nine months, with a break only for holidays. Tests and exams covered material learned over shorter periods of time, and as such were not so overwhelming. I also found a certain pleasure in being able to go to school (on my breaks) to visit my friends and not have to go to class. I found school more enjoyable with these intervening breaks.

So, the year-round school system has not only been implemented in California but also has been experimented with in Virginia. I would encourage its return. LISA S. GILLESPIE Fairfax