Judy Mann {"Art and Sexual Power," Metro, Sept. 12} quotes Judy Chicago as saying, "The fierceness of the assault on 'The Dinner Party' is a reflection of the fierceness of white male reaction when their values are challenged."

I served as associate director of The Washington Women's Art Center from 1977 to 1979 when we were helping Judy Chicago raise money for "The Dinner Party." I also served on the board of directors from 1983 to 1985 when she was promoting her "Birth Project."

While "The Dinner Party" is not pornographic and not without merit, I would say a more accurate statement would be the fierceness of the assault by many on "The Dinner Party" is a reflection of the fierceness with which Judy Chicago exploits women artists and promotes her work. The message is clear: if you do not agree with her appraisal of "The Dinner Party," you are an enemy of women artists and their work.

The information that the University of the District of Columbia gets 75 percent of the revenue generated from "The Dinner Party" is like saying that salami is 87 percent fat-free. The truth is salami is 13 percent fat and Judy Chicago would get 25 percent before expenses. I am not sure that UDC can afford such generosity.

LILA SNOW Chevy Chase