As a former D.C. resident, I was thrilled that a person of Eleanor Holmes Norton's stature and reputation won a primary in the District of Columbia, but her failure to file local tax returns for so many years is truly puzzling and irresponsible. That the D.C. government has not sought judgment against such a scofflaw reflects just how ill-managed and fiscally negligent the government apparatus has become. May all the new brooms and shovels be strong enough for the Augean tasks ahead.


Only in Washington. I am still reeling from Dorothy Gilliam's column "New Day Dawns in D.C. Politics" {Metro, Sept. 13}. The voters of the District created a "grand day" when they elected Eleanor Holmes Norton? She is a "fresh breeze"? The voters "restored the faith of many"? Her selection announced a "new generation of voters"?

Please -- if it is the "new" generation that elected a woman who has not bothered to file local income tax returns for seven years, you can bet that I am glad to be part of the "old" generation.

Yes, Sharon Pratt Dixon is certainly a "fresh breeze." But how frightening that the voters of this city have again averted their eyes -- and minds -- from a person who has flouted the law. BARBARA D. DINSMORE Washington