It is odd that Colman McCarthy's "Oil and the OK Corral" {Sept. 9} was featured in the Style section. The philosophy he espouses went out of style with old Neville Chamberlain back in 1938. When Mr. McCarthy says, "We're the problem, not Saddam Hussein," he raises pacifism from mere Chamberlainian appeasement to new heights of self-flagellation.

Colman McCarthys of the world are so blinded by their dogmatic faith, they are unable to distinguish causes and effects in even the most fundamental human interactions. They think the world would be just fine if we only behaved like Mahatma Gandhi. That the arms race ensured 45 years of peace and finally exposed the bankrupt doctrine of the Communists, who were bent on converting the whole world at the point of a gun, is completely lost on these folks. They think the way to treat a mugger at night is to offer him an olive branch.

Apparently, Mr. McCarthy doesn't even want a policeman on the beat. He says what Saddam Hussein did to Kuwait was a regional issue that President Bush elevated to global proportions. I wonder how he would feel if he were mugged at midnight in a lonely dark alley, and the city police ignored it because they figured it was a personal thing between him and the mugger. ALI F. SEVIN Ft. Washington

The Post finally publishes a rousing denunciation of military intervention in the Gulf by Colman McCarthy. Truly refreshing after all the columns by the relentless Jim Hoagland urging a strike against Iraq. Of course, Mr. McCarthy's fiery style will be dismissed as emotional and vituperative. But dispassionate arguments for war based on hysterical premises are properly countered by passionate responses. Right on, Mr. McCarthy! Let's get the anti-war movement in gear again. LOUVAN NOLTING Lewes, Del.