How can you ignore endurance sports the way you do? On Sept. 15 the World Triathlon Championships were held in Orlando, Fla. This event -- in which at least five local athletes participated -- received two paragraphs in Fanfare and nothing in the agate-type section {Sept. 16}.

This year I participated in three local events that received no mention whatsoever -- the Columbia (Md.) Triathlon with 500 athletes and 500 volunteers, the Cambridge (Md.) Triathlon with 300 athletes and many volunteers and the Reston Triathlon with 500 athletes and 600 volunteers. How can you ignore all these people?

Except for an article the day before the Marine Corps Marathon every year, area runners, bikers and swimmers must look elsewhere and wait weeks for results of their races and stories about their sports. In October, 5,000 runners will clog Georgetown for a Sunday morning race, yet if a person went by your paper, the race will never have happened.

I can't bear to open the Sports section on another Monday after joining several thousand athletes and volunteers in a race raising thousands of dollars for charity and not find any mention of it. We're out here. Thousands of newspaper-buying athletes and volunteers -- and we even have good demographics. Give us something to read on Monday mornings too. -- Eric D. Baruch