I've been wondering why Post editorial writers and Nat Hentoff have never waked up to the fact of newspaper life that S. E. Reuter points out in his Sept. 14 letter -- namely, that on a school newspaper the role of publisher belongs not to the student editor but to the school's principal, who has a publisher's right to see that the content of the paper is satisfactory to him.

Although I'm a veteran of seven years of high school and college journalism, I'm in full sympathy with the school authorities' side of the Hazelwood case. Why? Because I also had nine years of reporting for daily newspapers whose politics I seldom agreed with. It was a case of working for those publishers or finding some other line of work (a problem that was eventually solved by my draft board).

I can't imagine a youth more unready for a journalistic career than the scholastic editor who has become used to printing his own views, unsupervised and unrestrained. If he hasn't learned to work for a boss who might overrule him pretty often, he is a spoiled brat whose scholastic training hasn't prepared him for the real world.