Despite what AFL-CIO union chief Howard Samuel thinks {letter, Sept. 2}, when the Founding Fathers wrote "We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union ... do ordain and establish this Constitution," they were not talking about a labor union.

That is not the only point Mr. Samuel missed as he criticized Nat Hentoff's defense of a college professor who was fired for standing up to the dictates of organized labor {op-ed, Aug. 25}.

Prof. Robert Roesser lost his job for exercising his First Amendment right to choose what political causes he would support with his money. But Mr. Samuel thinks Mr. Roesser's firing was acceptable, even "democratic."

This fall, the nine Supreme Court justices will forge new ground for workers when they hear the case of James Lehnert, another Michigan professor forced to pay union dues. Evidence introduced in the lower courts showed that 90 percent of Mr. Lehnert's forced dues were spent on non-bargaining activity like political campaigns, lobbying and even preparations for illegal strikes.

Sorry, Mr. Samuel, there's nothing "democratic" about that. TIMOTHY McCONVILLE Vice President for Communications National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Inc. Springfield