I enjoyed Tony Kornheiser's column about Atlanta {Sports, Sept. 20}, which I read over breakfast between sips of moonshine. It did take awhile for those of us who move our lips when we read, what with all those squiggly letters (was that French?) and words of more than two syllables.

Sorry Kornheiser didn't think the Atlanta airport was much of a hub. But for future reference, he should just remember that the concourses (A, B, C, D) are in a row, in alphabetic order, and the gates are in order too (1, 2, 3 and so on).

Kornheiser made a good point about Atlanta losing sports franchises. Its hockey team has departed. But in my lifetime, Washington-Baltimore has lost three teams (the Senators, the Senators and the Colts), leaving it with the same number of teams as Atlanta. The Braves may not be much, but at least they still have Atlanta on the jerseys -- not Texas or Minnesota, where the last two Senators franchises moved. And Ted Turner hasn't hired any late-night moving vans yet.

Maybe I've missed something, but the term "Dogwood City" (which Kornheiser got from a reporter from that garden spot, Baltimore) was new to me. Actually, Atlanta is accurately called "The City Too Busy to Hate."

Kornheiser should venture off the plane next time he is in Atlanta. If he does, he'll find himself following the advice of his buddy Jed Clampett (from Bugtussle, Tenn., not Georgia, by the way): "Y'all come back now, you hear?" -- Chris Peacock