From an interview on yesterday's "Today" show with Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) concerning the budget crisis:

Deborah Norville: The president says failure to pass this deal is going to result in economic chaos. ... Do you know something the president doesn't know?

Newt Gingrich: Well, maybe we have a slightly different perspective. I believe that if this were to go down Thursday the Congress would still be in session, the Constitution would still be intact, that we'd have to find another strategy. But the effort to find one big vote that brought us all the solutions simply failed ... because there really are fundamental differences in the Capitol about where America ought to go and how we ought to function.

Norville: ... You were part of this group that negotiated for five months, and yet you didn't announce your opposition until a couple of days after the package had been revealed. Some say you were sitting on the fence to see which way the wind blew.

Gingrich: I don't think anyone who knew me very well thought I was watching for the wind to blow, and I don't think that in terms of what we are doing, that necessarily the wind in Washington is blowing my way. ... I had informed the administration... that I would have to have at least 12 hours to look at the document in writing before I could make a decision. I think, not quite like Judge Souter being reticent, but I am like him in being -- studying things and being studious -- and I wanted a chance to see in detail what the written documents were. ...

Norville: What's going to happen Thursday when the vote does come up?

Gingrich: ... The odds have to favor the bill because {there's} an awful lot of prestige on the line. But I think the longer the bill is out there ... the more trouble it's in.