From remarks by Rep. William F. Clinger Jr. (R-Pa.) in the House Oct. 3:

This budget crisis reminds me of an old Tarzan movie. At some point in the movie drums would begin to beat meaning the natives were restless.

If you listen you can hear the drums begin to beat outside the Beltway.

Oh, sure, the special interests are weighing in, objecting to this provision or that. There is not much that is lovable in this package, but the drums I am beginning to hear are saying: "What's wrong with you people? You can't do the most fundamental thing we expect you to do -- set the spending priorities of this nation. Why should we rehire you?" And they are right. So I am going to vote for this agreement because the alternative is worse, and I do not just mean sequestration. In my mind failure to pass the budget is an admission of failure -- an admission that we do not have the political will to govern.

On my side of the aisle I keep hearing about other alternatives. There is talk about a 4 percent solution or going back to the budget process. That is just out of touch with reality, for two reasons. First we are out of time. There must be an end to this process. And second, we do not have the votes. It still takes 218 votes to pass anything, and we are only 175, so I am going to vote for the budget even though like every member there are things in it that are deeply repugnant to me -- the gas tax, for instance, hits too hard on my rural constituents. There are plenty of reasons for Republicans to vote against it and only one to vote for it. The president is asking us to. He needs a budget in order to govern. Failure to pass this budget will deeply embarrass our president while making ourselves irrelevant as the ship of state founders.