From an interview with Vice President Dan Quayle, conducted by Vassar College junior Patrick Gardner, which appeared in the fall issue of Campus magazine:

Gardner: Conservative students on campus have come under fire for opposing the new politicized curricula and racial admission quotas on campus.

In fact, several dozen schools have adopted anti-free speech codes to forcibly silence conservative dissent on campus.

What comments do you have for those administrators who are instituting these anti-free speech codes on campus?

Vice President Quayle: I think that the situation on too many of our campuses today is really quite deplorable. More and more these days, conservative students seem to be running up against administrators, faculty members and even peers who discriminate on the basis of politics. Such discrimination flies in the face of intellectual freedom, that is, the freedom to learn about different ideas and philosophies and in the process discern the truth. This is a value that liberal academicians used to believe was very important in education.

This new form of discrimination is really too bad, because I see America as a beacon of freedom, not a bastion of political conformity. So the fact that our colleges and universities are teaching our young people that discrimination -- in whatever form -- is not only okay, but that it's natural, well, of course, that really bothers me.