Hats off to The Post for its excellent coverage of the Lisa Olson/New England Patriots story and for its support of the right of women sports reporters to join their male colleagues in the locker room after games.

Why is it that this sport, which can afford to pay its players upward of $600,000 a year, cannot afford interview rooms? Or simpler still, why can't the players remain outside the locker room for an additional 20 minutes so the media can conduct interviews?

C'mon, sports fans, it's up to us to insist that the NFL and other professional sports federations put an end to this nonsense. SARAH BOTT Washington

Where does it end? The Lisa Olson affair in the New England Patriots locker room is another example of the rights of one person being forced on many. Lisa Olson or any other female sportswriter has about as much business in a male locker room as Brad Snyder does interviewing Mia Hamm, a female soccer player for the University of North Carolina, toweling off after a match. One can imagine the results of a male reporter venturing into a locker/shower area of a female basketball team.

The solution to the problem is easy. Build a covered corridor to the shower from the locker area and put stall doors on cubicles, like the ones used in department stores. This way, reporters can have their interviews, and the players can have their privacy.

JAMES F. HOWARD Springfield