When I read the articles by Jeane Kirkpatrick and Jim Hoagland {op-ed, Sept. 17}, I was on my way to Saudi Arabia. I am there now. The articles said that the Bush administration had been made aware of a possible Iraqi invasion long before it actually took place. Now I hear on Armed Forces Radio that Iraq had plans for this invasion as early as 1986.

I'm a military reservist recalled to active duty. I have a wife in the Midwest who misses me, and most of the members of my unit have families who miss them. Unfortunately, we are also Scud missile targets. This makes me ask questions: "Why may I have to die? Is there a good reason?" and "Should I feel honored to give of myself for this cause?"

It isn't just my life that hangs in the balance; it is the lives of tens of thousands of American servicemen and the lives of their wives, husbands and children. What will President Bush do to protect us now that he held the door open for Saddam Hussein to walk into Kuwait?

As I live day by day someplace in the desert of Saudi Arabia, I wonder about my commander-in-chief's decision making. So does my wife. DAVID A. RUSSELL APO New York