As chairman of Loudoun County's Economic Development Advisory Committee, I feel safe in saying that Loudoun County's business community takes strong exception to the sweeping generalization about future economic growth in the county based upon an apparent financial restructuring of two large development projects by Kettler and Scott {"Thrift Takes Over Two Loudoun Projects," front page, Sept. 29}.

There is no basis whatsoever for the statement that a shift in the ownership structure of the Cascades and Brambleton projects has sent a ''strong signal'' that anticipated growth in the county is not going to happen. The facts are more consistent with the contradictory information found later in the story (and off the front page) that the very purpose of the restructuring was to enable the Cascades project, which is already underway, to continue moving forward.

While no part of our region is immune from whatever may be happening in the banking industry these days, the future of Loudoun County does not hinge on whether one or two large projects experience a hiccup or two along the way. It was unfair and misleading for the story to seek to overdramatize what in today's environment is one of many financial restructurings as a problem for Loudoun County. As one can see along Route 7, the maturation of Loudoun County into the next suburban tier is well underway. The Cascades project is an established fact, as are the George Washington University Loudoun Campus, Washington International University, the Xerox Training Center, Airbus, the Redskins' training camp and United Airlines, to name a few.

It is now nearly ensured that Loudoun County will also be the location for the first privately constructed toll road in this nation in more than 30 years -- a revolutionary accomplishment in transportation finance soon to be replicated across the county. There can be little doubt that construction of the Dulles Toll Roads Extension will further accelerate economic growth in Loudoun.

For those of us dedicated to a strong business environment and to improving the quality of life in our region, both economic and otherwise, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome without having to calm anxieties created by this story's attempt at dramatic effect.