Dave Butz wrote that "in the old days, everyone knew there were places a woman did not go and jobs she wouldn't consider applying for" {Sports, Oct. 7}. As a Redskin, Dave Butz was an outstanding football player. As a commentator on one of the most important issues of our day -- equal rights -- he still was an outstanding football player.

Butz tried to legitimize an anti-women's-rights bias by stating that "players want nothing more than to take off 30-plus pounds of perspiration-soaked gear, peel off yards of tape and seek the comfort of the shower." Sorry Butz, that dog won't hunt. Butz and his colleagues didn't rhapsodize about the comfort of the showers when all sports reporters were male.

The truth is that the debate is not about football players' comfort zones, despite Butz's attempt to portray it as such. As Tony Kornheiser bluntly put it in his column two days after Butz's remarks, "the issue, no matter how Sam Wyche and Victor Kiam want to obfuscate it, is women's rights."

As for Butz's concept of equal access, here's a suggestion: Dave Butz, who has no qualification for political analysis other than having played football, should not be given access to your "commentary" space. He is about as qualified to offer insight on constitutional issues as most of us would be to play football for the Redskins. -- Peter C. Kissel