Imagine my shock to read in your Oct. 10 editorial "The Temple Mount Explosion" that this is the wrong time to tackle the Palestine question and that by embracing the one person who in their eyes is tackling the question, Saddam Hussein, the Palestinians have, for now, forfeited the chance of finding partners for peace in Israel.

Peace is not a season. The time for peace should always be right. If now is not the time for peace between Palestinians and Israelis, tell me when that time will be. At least nineteen Palestinians just died waiting for the right time to be free and to live in peace. -- E. Faye Williams

Before a settlement of the Palestinian question can be achieved, "first the {Persian} Gulf crisis must be played out," you asserted in an editorial. That's absurd. How many Arab nations, or even European nations, do you suppose will continue to stand with our troops in the Gulf if Israel continues its brutal repression of the Palestinians? The world knows that we send Israel billions of dollars every year, and my concern is that American men and women sweating in the Saudi desert will be in big trouble if the somewhat shaky alliance disintegrates.

Your statement that "suddenly Palestinians on the Temple Mount were stoning Israelis at the Western Wall, and the Israeli police guarding them," was lopsided too. Your own paper reported that accounts of the incident differed, with Palestinians claiming they picked up rocks after one of their own was killed by a rubber bullet.

Calling the site of the massacre the Temple Mount was also biased, because Arabs know it as Haram al-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary. -- Mike Malloy

If it weren't for the inscription "An Independent Newspaper" on your editorial page, I would have thought that you were the mouthpiece for the Shamir propaganda ministry. Your moral outrage about the dastardly slaughter of the Palestinian civilians in Jerusalem by the Israeli police was seriously diminished by your double talk on the question of "peace" in the West Bank and Gaza.

How can you state that "this is the wrong time to tackle {the Palestinian question} head on." How can you suggest that the "Palestinians have forfeited ... the chance of finding partners for peace in Israel?" How much more slaughter must they endure at the hands of the Israeli oppressors? The time to tackle the Palestinian question is now, when the world is still outraged about the actions at Temple Mount.

You seem to disdain linking Israel's withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza to Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait. The fact is that occupation -- any occupation -- is illegal. All the Palestinians want is peace and freedom. What's so wrong with that? -- Benjamin Joseph