The animus of Rowland Evans and Robert Novak toward Israel is once again demonstrated in their op-ed piece of Oct. 12 {"Israel: No Longer Washington's Partner"}.

Allow me to cite a few examples of their uncompromising hostility. They write of "Israel's war policy against Iraq" and efforts to persuade President Bush to attack that country as if the sole reason the United States and its U.N. allies are in Saudi Arabia is to support Israel and not Saudi Arabia. The world knows it was Saudi Arabia that requested U.S. assistance just as the world knows that Israel does not need U.S. troops to settle any dispute with an aggressive Iraq.

Messrs. Evans and Novak also imply that "with Moscow now getting friendly with Israel" the "strategic partnership" between Israel and the United States "has become a joke." Yet the fact that Saudi Arabia has for the first time established full diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union is not even mentioned. Thus, the columnists assume this will not affect our relationship with the Arab kingdom but, according to them, Moscow's friendly overtures to Israel are enough to undo years of close cooperation between our two democracies.

Messrs. Evans and Novak would further have us believe that at the conclusion of the Desert Shield exercise Egypt and Syria, among others, will present the U.S. government with "due bills" for settling the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The columnists fail to mention that by our presence in the Middle East we are assisting Syria from the irredentist designs of Saddam Hussein, as well as saving Egypt and other Arab states from the expansionist policies of the Iraqi president. So what "due bills" can they be referring to?

If anything, by coming to the aid of these countries, the United States should have some clout in persuading Saudi Arabia and Syria to accept Israel as a legitimate neighbor, which would measurably increase the prospects for settling the problems between Israel and the Palestinians. S. SIDNEY VERNER Gaithersburg Rowland Evans and Robert Novak are wrong. There are no ''U.N. resolutions, now 23 years old ... on Palestinian self-determination'' nor even a hint of such.

Messrs. Evans and Novak would have it that American troops are in Saudi Arabia to protect Israel and, if need be, fight for it. Bunk. That sounds like Iraqi propaganda to discredit the Saudis. At the same time, the columnists write, the Bush administration has exerted ''heavy pressure'' and ''unprecedented constraints'' on Israel to take no military action. Would they make up their minds?

As President Bush has said, our troops are in Saudi Arabia to defend that country, more precisely to protect its oil and our way of life, which depends on it. Israel may benefit incidentally but also may well be in greater danger because of U.S. military presence. JACOB SEIDENBERG Bethesda