Courtland Milloy's blatant attempt {"A Plague of Has-Beens Clutters the Campaign Trail," Metro, Oct. 9} to smear the good name of Sidney Kramer by linking him to Marion Barry (awaiting sentencing on his recent drug conviction, and whose management of the District of Columbia government has now been shown to have been riddled with scandal and misdeed) as well as with Tommie Broadwater Jr. (a Prince George's County politician who has already served a prison sentence for having committed food-stamp fraud) reflects poorly on Mr. Milloy and The Post, not on Mr. Kramer.

If there is anything that even Mr. Milloy cannot possibly deny, it is that Sid Kramer has served the people of Montgomery County with the highest honor and distinction -- first as a member of the county council, for eight years as a state senator and now for almost a full four-year term as its chief executive. Never has there been the slightest hint of scandal in Mr. Kramer's public or personal lives.

The voter turnout for the recent Democratic primary was too small to truly represent what many citizens believe to be the will of the majority of Mr. Kramer's constituents. And many citizens of Montgomery County believe that the upcoming general election will demonstrate that Sid Kramer is in fact the choice of those citizens to continue to guide the county in an honorable and businesslike fashion through these troubled economic times. These two facts are no excuse for Mr. Milloy to criticize Mr. Kramer through innuendo and association. A fine and upstanding public figure has been unfairly abused.