I was moved by The Post's front-page story "Md. Child's Call for Help" {Oct. 16}. Children are amazingly resourceful. However, I also was struck by how rarely the reality of children's lives gets press coverage. The recent World Summit for Children held in New York drew attention not only to the plight of children around the world (250,000 die per week of preventable diseases and malnutrition), but to the opportunities available now to end their suffering.

I urge Congress to act on President Bush's commitment that we do not continue to have a world of children "all alone" in their poverty. Rep. Tony Hall (D-Ohio) and Rep. Bill Emerson (R-Mo.) have introduced the Universal Childhood Security Act, HR 5596, which would start this progress, tripling by 1996 U.S. funding for child survival and primary education activities in the developing world. Further, the bill would fully fund the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Feeding Program (now serving only half of those eligible) by 1995 and would encourage full funding of Head Start (one in five children eligible are served) by 1994, thereby taking action for children in our own country, such as the little girl in Silver Spring. SUZANNE H. MILTON Silver Spring