The editorial "Hope for Ward 8 Schools" {Oct. 20} omitted one word -- "COPE" (Committee on Public Education). It is COPE's hope, like The Post's, to elect enough new school board members to support The Post's hidden agenda for the District of Columbia. What is that agenda?

Control by the minority of the political, economic and educational systems.

In other words, the plantation owners, regardless of the majority of citizens being people of "color," want to continue acting like South Africa's leadership, only under the guise of "liberalism."

I will not stoop so low to ask for a retraction or an apology for gross misinterpretations of past statements and votes that I have made based upon my conviction, because I understand that one who has strong convictions has no friends.

But there is one thing that I will not do, and that is to remain quiet when my integrity is being questioned. The editorial states, "no ward has poorer representation on the school board."

There is no board member in the present or in the past who can equal my commitment, sacrifice and hard work toward delivering educational services and opportunities to the Ward 8 children.

My full-time job and goal for 17 years has been to deliver effective and excellent educational opportunities to my Ward 8 constituents. Just because I do not serve COPE's agenda and The Post's agenda and the haves' agenda is no reason for The Post to be so hostile to my style of delivery. Malcolm X said, "If the goals are just then by any means necessary ... ."

R. CALVIN LOCKRIDGE Member, District of Columbia Board of Education Washington