I am saddened by The Post's story on John L. Colonghi, the American Indian Museum's national campaign director {"Indian Museum's New Player," Style, Oct. 13}, and the story "Costner's Sioux Ceremony" {Style, Oct. 20}.

My heart bleeds at the selected misnomer for this museum. Why should we glorify ignorance by calling it ''Indian''? The word does not describe us. I just hope the people of India get furious enough and protest: enough is enough. We have no need to borrow their name. We are glorious ourselves.

I descend from the Maya, and I have made my peace with Columbus and with the ignorance of the epoch. But why continue the mistake? The U.S. Agency for International Development refers to Amerindians. Montgomery County's Multicultural Affairs Office addresses the Asian Indians. There are West Indians, East Indians, Indian Americans, American Indians.

How about: Museum of Ancient Americans, Ancient Americans Museum or Native American Museum. I am a Smithsonian resident associate, and I will not parade in my ancestral attire to raise funds for this museum until its proper name is selected. Philip Kopper, author of ''The Smithsonian Book of North American Indians,'' splendidly apologizes in his book for the use of the term Indian. More apologies will be due future generations.